Creating the face of 21st Century India Architect Hafeez Contractor: A Profile

Article by Shirin Kumaana-Wadia, HAMAZOR, January 2015

As India emerged into Independence, it embraced modernism in all walks of life. And that included how our cities and towns would look. The first generation of early practitioners of the art and science of the built environment struggled to define a modernist paradigm for Indian architecture. The likes of Charles Correa, B V Doshi, Achyut Kanvinde, Raj Rewal and many others grappled with preserving traditions of 2000 years and more, and the need of a new nation racing to take its place in the world in the second half of the 20th century.

However it inadvertently fell upon the shoulders of the next generation to make this new image omnipresent across the country. And no one did it better than Hafeez Contractor, a Parsi architect from Mumbai, India.

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